We perform dental implants at our clinic in Santa Coloma de Gramenet; and we use cutting-edge materials

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root -usually made of titanium- that is placed in the maxillary (or jawbone) and allows replacing a missing tooth in a functional and beautiful way. We can place an implant on each tooth or several implants to hold entire dentures.

The implant or titanium rod is designed to be anchored and integrated into the maxillary or jawbone. The dental prosthesis is the artificial tooth or the visible part that simulates our original teeth in regards of aesthetics and functionality.

At our Dental Clinic in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, we perform dental implants and we trust the most cutting-edge materials provided by Straumann®.

implantes dentales Straumann
implantes dentales Santa Coloma de Gramenet

We perform different dental implants depending on your needs at Aldana Dental Clinic in Santa Coloma de Gramenet:

Unitary implants

Unitary implants are those implants made of titanium that substitute root loss of original teeth. They assimilate in a biocompatible way with the bone and the gum, thus giving a totally natural look and functionality.

In many cases, and depending on the professional assessment and the prosthesis, we can place 2 implants with 3 crowns when you are missing 3 teeth. This places the central tooth in a bridging position without the need to add yet another dental implant.

Fixed Dentures

If you do not feel comfortable with your removable denture because the glue or adhesive is too annoying, it is likely that a fixed prosthesis is the right solution for you.

The fixed denture is another kind of prosthesis supported by 6 or 8 dental implants. Unlike today’s removable dentures, this prosthesis is fixed by dental implants; hence, it eliminates the need to use denture adhesive. Thanks to this fastener, your ability to talk and chew will be improved, giving you a younger and more natural look.

implantes dentales Santa Coloma de Gramenet

Semi-fixed Dentures

The semi-fixed denture (or over denture) is another prosthesis supported by dental implants that can be removed for a thorough cleaning just as with regular dentures. With these dental implants the attachment and fastening to the upper and lower maxillaries is improved.

The process involves placing four fixed dental implants on the maxillaries and attaching the semi-fixed implant without a palate to them.

Same Day Implants

We use the technique of ‘immediate implant placement’ in which the damaged teeth are extracted and then, the implants are inserted together with the new teeth. The patient finishes their treatment on the very same day and can leave the clinic with their provisional “fixed” teeth.

In order to do that in one day, it is necessary that the patient’s area of treatment be scanned, since this will guide the surgery and will help develop the customized dental prosthesis.

implantes en 1 día Santa Coloma de Gramenet