The latest technological advances for a precise treatment

3D CAT scan

We have incorporated the latest technology in Intelligent X-Rays to obtain detailed information of the patient’s dental anatomy for a treatment.

With a 3D Computed Axial Tomography scan (CAT), we design the treatment in a safe, precise, and less invasive way thanks to all kinds of images we get (panoramic images, cephalostat images, and 2D & 3D images).

This is crucial for the diagnosis of:

    • Implants.
    • Orthodontics.
    • Periodontics.
    • Wisdom Teeth.
    • TJM problems.

Benefits of 3D scanning:

  • Lower exposure to X Rays.
  • Promptness in scanning.
Clínica Dental Aldana

3D intraoral camera

With the new 3D intraoral scanner, measuring and paste moulds for dental impression are over.

By means of a 3D intraoral scanner, the entire area of treatment is captured and the data is digitally sent to a computer. It is fast, clean, and efficient.

With special software and with a 3D reproduction of the mouth in a computer, we can design and develop the treatment that the patient needs.

Especially beneficial for the diagnosis and treatment of:

  • Dental veneers.
  • Over denture implants.
  • Invisible orthodontics.
  • Crowns and dental bridges.
escáner itraoral 3D en Santa Coloma de Gramenet
escáner itraoral 3D en Santa Coloma de Gramenet