At our Dental Clinic in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, we are specialized in orthodontics. We perform orthodontic treatments to improve your dental health and your smile

By means of orthodontic treatments, we are specialized in the prevention and treatment of crooked teeth and other irregularities in teeth. Thanks to its use, we improve both the aesthetic look of your smile and your overall oral health.

A proper tooth straightening treatment supports a good occlusion between upper and lower teeth. This helps achieve not only an improved look on your smile but also a better chewing function, dental hygiene, and periodontal health.

At our Dental Clinic in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, we are specialized in orthodontics and also perform invisible orthodontic treatments (Invisalign®).

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At Aldana Dental Dlinic in Santa Coloma de Gramenet, we perform the following orthodontic treatments:
  • Conventional orthodontics.
  • Aesthetic orthodontics.
  • Invisible orthodontics (Invisalign®).
  • Paediatric orthodontics.
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ortodoncia en Santa Coloma de Gramenet

The Aldana Dental Clinic in Santa Coloma de Gramenet is specialized in orthodontic treatments

We use different techniques for orthodontic treatments at the Aldana Dental Clinic in Santa Coloma de Gramenet:

Conventional orthodontics

This is the kind of orthodontics that we all know, a simple and economic one. Metallic braces are adhered to the surface of each tooth. By means of elastic bands, braces hold metallic archwires that exert steady pressure to gradually move the position of teeth.

It is necessary to keep regular office visits so that appliances can be adjusted and tightened.

ortodoncia en Santa Coloma de Gramenet

Aesthetic orthodontics

The aesthetic orthodontic treatment works just as well as the conventional one but it includes white or transparent braces and archwires. The similarity in colour makes braces blend very well with teeth so that they result in a more aesthetic look than the metallic braces.

The material of braces is diverse, so you can find ceramic braces (white tones) and sapphire braces (transparent colour).

ortodoncia en Santa Coloma de Gramenet

Invisible Orthodontics

This treatment consists in a number of customized dental straighteners and splints that are regularly replaced so that they move the teeth to its final position.

This technique adds benefits to the treatment because the appliances are removable, transparent, very efficient, and comfortable to wear. Additionally, it is the only technique where we can visualize the final result of the treatment from the beginning.

At the Aldana Dental Clinic we use the no. 1 and widely used innovative, invisible orthodontics system Invisalign®.

ortodoncia en Santa Coloma de Gramenet

Paediatric orthodontics

Because teeth and bones are growing during childhood, it is possible to influence on them at an early age. Children above 5 years old are encouraged to visit an orthodontist so that the professional can evaluate if it is necessary to carry out any interceptive orthodontic treatment or, instead, the bone is developing as expected.

ortodoncia en Santa Coloma de Gramenet
ortodoncia en Santa Coloma de Gramenet
ortodoncia en Santa Coloma de Gramenet

Appliances made at Aldana Dental Clinic

ortodoncia en Santa Coloma de Gramenet

1. Interceptive orthodontics

This is a paediatric treatment that aims at guiding and correcting the bone growth (upper and lower jawbone). We can achieve a proper position and size of facial bones with this treatment because the mouth is well developed from both an aesthetic and a functional perspective.

Interceptive orthodontics does not substitute braces. Its function is to prepare the bones for a future straightening treatment when necessary.

2. Functional orthodontics / Facial orthodontics

The appliances used in this treatment work at a specific age when the bones in the body are growing and these are more manageable and completely receptive to changes. Functional orthodontics allows us to optimize and shorten other orthodontic treatment’s timeframes in the future.

These appliances use biological forces that work on teeth, tongue, lips, muscles, and so on, and are responsible for correcting the respiratory function as well as the mastication or swallowing function, among others. The functional appliances support a proper bone growth so that we do not have space problems when teeth are coming out and they also keep the upper & lower jawbones in a proper distance.